Enjoy the game play of 8 ball pool with real money

8 ball pool game is one of the most famous billiard game and people playing this game throughout the world. One of the greatest things about 8 ball pool online game is you can able to challenge with your friends. The latest update of this game is now available on the web and mobile phone as well. On web, you can send and receive the gifts, if you are especially playing on Face book. In this game, gifting will allows the player to send a complete package of free coins to one of their Face book friends once per day. If you want money for 8 ball pool, you just send a gift to your friend and earn more numbers of coins as free gift per day. You can also make a lot of friends by just sending them a gift everyday and also get loads and loads in return!

Get 8 ball pool unlimited cash

Sending and receiving gifts are totally free and easy to do so. In this game, you will see a new gift button on the top of 8 ball pool homepage. You just press it and have an option of either requesting or sending coins to others. You can also select who to request from or send to or you can simply press ‘All’ to do so for your entire Face book friends. However, it is a simple process to do within a matter of minutes and you will be notified once you have received coins yourself. If you receive gifts, it will be come to your mobile version of 8 ball pool within a few days. For web version, it takes around a couple of weeks to reach out.


How to play 8 ball pools with real money?

Indeed, 8 ball pool game is very cool and engaging game to play. It is quite challenging to keep playing and winning among the different players in the leaderboard. At present, 8 ball pools are the world’s number one pool game available for all mobile devices such as android, iOS or computer. All you have to do is to simply click on Enter button and check all the game options that are available to play online. If you would like to earn money for 8 ball pool, good news for you is the latest arrival of 8 ball pools game with real money. By just playing this game online on any laptop or mobile device, you can win the real money!

Below are steps to play 8 ball pool games with real money that includes:

  • First, you have to register a free account at Stargames
  • Next, confirm the registration and win 5k stars as an initial credit
  • Now, you can start playing a game with your star credits or depositing your real money to play on the web
  • After login, you just click on ‘Skill Games’ option on the top menu
  • Click on ‘8 ball pool’ and follow the given instructions to start
  • Select the tabs Credits or Real Money
  • Finally, enter in an active table to start playing